Where is the blog?

Hi there people,

despite my previous post from January, a lot of people are still using the old blog. Nothing wrong with that, but I still decided to trash everything and direct you once again to www.yourmusicblog.nl.

That is the place where the old stuff can be found, and where new post are added regularly. And with more functionality as well. Like like ´m on Facebook, tweet on Twitter or add to Google +… So if you want to find what you were looking for, head on over to www.yourmusicblog.nl and start exploring….

Yes webmasters, update your links!

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Your Music Blog is moving!

Hello dear readers,

After some consideration, I decided to move the blog to an own domain: YourMusicBlog.nl. This gives me more options.

Momentarily I am working on moving all the content of this one, but for now this site will remain active. New additions however will be exclusively posted to YourMusicBlog.nl. That is also not complete as yet, but I am working to get everything fixed.

See you there!

Added 23-01-2012, all content is over to the new site, so please join us there. All subscriptions here will end soon.

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