A blog about music

Just because I want to 😉 Feel free to add, comment discuss, whatever!
But please bear in mind that all opinions published are personal. So you may see it an other way, no problem. I can agree to disagree … I mainly listen to rock and pop, so expect everything from Crowded House to Iced Earth to Yes, and Frank Zappa to Harem Scarem to Uriah Heep. And maybe some occasional classical music too.

Don’t know about you, but I still like to buy CD’s instead of downloads. As a matter of fact, I sometimes even buy the odd LP… Guess I like to take a closer look at the artwork, read the lyrics or the liner notes. That said, I do tend to buy prize based. That is why it sometimes takes years before a certain record is added to my collection. Which will be reflected in the reviews on the site. Just so you know.

Yes, I play music myself

(guitars in Dutch melodic and progressive hard rock band Chinawhite) and no, I don´t get paid for doing this! But if someone feels the need to send me material to listen to, that is fine by me 😛
I have been playing music for over 30 years. Not only rock music (nowadays it is progressive hard rock) but I also played in a brass ensemble (we call it a fanfare) for over 15 years. I am a theoretical trained musician and can play a little piano, organ, brass instruments like trumpet or bugle, but my main instrument is the guitar. Acoustic, or electric, 6 and 7 strings. And sing some backing vocals. The last few years I started with recording, mixing and mastering. Also a lot of fun!

And if you want to contribute

in a regular timeframe (not meaning every day, but just regular), send me a mail!

Will you post about my CD?

Sure, just get in touch! But before you do, please keep in mind I like the physical product best (a CD that is) and I don´t post on a regular timebase. That is not to say a download is completely out of the question, but I guess you know what I mean.
If you send me your CD, I will listen to it and post my review on it. For sure!

Please visit www.yourmusicblog.nl to comment!

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